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. ACEH POST (in english)
. Indonesia Post (in english)
. KALIMANTAN NEWS (in english)
. Bali FM (in english)
. INDONESIA SPORT (in english)
. Suara Merdeka (in indonesian, in english)
. Bali Globe (in english)
. Indonesia Technology (in english)
. Sumatra Life (in english)
. Bali Post (in english)
. Jakarta Globe (in english)
. SUMATRA NEWS (in english)
. BALI TIMES (in english)
. JAKARTA NEWS (in english)
. Suratkabar (in english)
. Indonesia Financial (in english)
. The Jakarta Post (in english)
. Tempo (in indonesian, in english)
. INDONESIA LIFE (in english)
. JAVA BERITA (in english)
. Zhinan Post (in indonesian)
. Indonesia Photos (in english)

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